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  • Flagship Trade Net

    – Serving the Global Trade Community –

  • F-ace Rail

    FLAGSHIP RAIL ACE is a fully automated processing system available on Flagship’s Virtual Host Service.

    • Automated interface into U.S. Customs.
    • Automated interface into Canada Customs.
    • Easy integration with any documentation system.
    • No data entry is required.


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    F-ace Rail
  • F-ace Ocean

    F-ace Ocean is one of Flagship’s full range of software packages for the shipping industry.

    • Submitting manifests to U.S. Customs.
    • Status notifications and releases.
    • Arriving vessel/voyages.
    • Creating in-bond movements.
    • ISF Security Filing.


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    F-ace Ocean
  • F-ships

    Flagship SHIPS is one of the world’s leading commercially available software systems for steamship lines and their agents. SHIPS provides support for Ro/Ro, Containerized and Break Bulk Operations and spans the full range of user requirements.

    • Quotations, Bookings
    • Documentation and Equipment Control
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  • F-ace Air F-ace Air
    • Complies with the CBP Trade Act.
    • Monitors volume and highlights any filing errors.
    • Secure Access and connection.
    • Minimizes data entry.
    • Research current manifest status 24/7.
    • Submit Flight Arrival and Departure Message.


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  • F-aci Canada Ocean F-aci Canada Ocean

    FLAGSHIP CANADA ACI gives you easily accessible release information and full ACI capabilities. These capabilities include:

    • Submitting e-manifests to Canadian Customs.
    • Making any corrections.
    • Edits, amendments or deletions.
    • Receiving responses, status and releases.
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  • GAT-Ship Port Call System GAT-Ship Port Call System

    The GAT-Ship Operation Program is a well-proven planning, management and documentation program. It is created and developed especially for Ship Agents in order to economize, standardize and systematize all port call routines. The system satisfies all requirements related to a port call management.

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Operational status: Normal.

Conex i-way to customs

Flagship Trade Net signed a partner agreement with Conex in France for custom filing in all European Countries, Israel and Japan.

Flagship-ace Ocean

We are proud to announce that Flagship’s new generation ACE (F-ace Ocean) is available. It is a web based application and all Flagship customers are now compliant with the latest requirements from CBP .

How do you handle your port calls?

The GatShip Operation and Quality program is a well-proven planning, managment and documentation program


Flagship Services empower the International trade community through its Trade Net Applications for Ocean and Rail Carriers, Ship Agents, Brokers and Trade Associations, Operational Management, Import/Export documentation for ocean, air and rail to the U.S. and Canada, providing progressive support and critical functionality to customers for 27 years.


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