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Ocean ACE

Ocean*ACE (Ocean Automated Commercial Environment ) is one of Flagship’s full range of software packages for the shipping industry. Certified and approved by the United States Customs Service (USCS) to interface with their Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Ocean*ACE gives you easily accessible release information and full ACE capabilities. These capabilities include submitting manifests to Customs, making any corrections, edits, amendments or deletions, receiving responses, status notifications and releases from Customs, arriving vessel/voyages and creating in-bond movements. You can also send special messages to Customs, for example, to request a General Order or Permit to Transfer.

Designed as an open system, Ocean*ACE allows you to easily interface with other application software so you can import manifest data, as well as export data to other applications without having to re-key information. This will save you time and money, as well as reduce errors.

Ocean*ACE can be installed as a single stand-alone system, or as a component of a larger regional or national ACE system involving multiple Ocean*ACE installations and/or Flagship’s Ocean*SNP (Ocean System Secondary Notify Party) software, which allows Secondary Notify Parties to receive release information directly from Customs. Ocean*ACE is designed to operate largely in an unattended manner, collecting and storing data that you can use at any time for reports or inquiries.

Ocean*ACE includes the following features:

A User Friendly Interface

Ocean*ACE provides users with an easy to use, friendly interface using state of the art features such as pop-up windows, pull-down menus, and display-and-tag or point-and-shoot data selection. These features allow you to enter data efficiently and accurately without having to remember data codes. Ocean*ACE also includes an on-line help facility, which you can customize to include system-specific help messages. These features are available on simple terminals as well as on micro computers.

Easily Accessible Release Information

You can obtain release information by bill of lading or by container. If you wish, this information can then be exported to your other application software.


System security is maintained by means of a log in and password procedure. The user name determines which menus and options are displayed, allowing you to specify which menu options a user will be able to access. You can also specify which functions will be assigned to a user. For example, some users may only be permitted to view information without making changes. You can also specify that a user can change or send data only from certain ports.

Reports and Inquiries

Over 70 reports and inquiries are available in Ocean*ACE to allow you to access information quickly and efficiently.

Multi-User/Multi-Carrier Capabilities

Ocean*ACE is a multi-carrier system that can process bills of lading received from one steamship line, or many, allowing it to be used either for an individual steamship line, multiple steamship lines, or as an ACE Service Center submitting for many lines.

Handling of In-bond Movements

Ocean*ACE allows you to handle both paperless and conventional in-bond movements. You can export, depart, or transfer liability for in-bonds, arrive in-bonds at final and intermediate ports, and change in-bond control numbers on the fly.

Data Validation

Before any transmission is sent to Customs, the data is first checked for errors. This allows you to find and correct errors before submitting your data, rather than getting an error message from Customs hours later.

USCS Code Dictionaries

All USCS codes are included in the Ocean*ACE data dictionaries. You can set up translation tables to convert any internal codes to USCS codes when manifest data is sent, and from USCS codes to internal codes when manifest data is received. This translation function greatly increases the compatibility between your other application software and ACE, allowing you to use your internal codes in-house and still send the proper USCS codes to Customs.

Flexible Cargo Type Capabilities

You can use Ocean*ACE for any type of cargo- containerized, break bulk, bulk, or roro. In addition to the standard bill of lading information, Ocean*ACE can also include specific information on refrigerated, hazardous, or other specialized cargoes.

FAX/email Interface

An optional feature, FAX*LINK, allows you to send Ocean*ACE-generated reports to customers directly as a fax or email, saving document processing time and allowing your customers the fastest possible access to information. You can produce a report and send it without leaving your desk.


Ocean*ACE can operate in either US Customs CAMIR format, or the more widely used X12 format, and can also support GEIS and other third party services. This makes Ocean*ACE compatible not just with Customs but also with other parties with whom you may wish to exchange information. All transmissions use the Customs-approved SDLC communications protocol.

You have direct control over communications sessions with Customs. Usually sessions are carried out automatically on a regular timed basis- you decide the time interval. If you do not want to wait until the next scheduled transmission you can choose to send a transmission immediately. An activity log records information about each transmission.