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Flagship Forum

Where people and ideas come together.

After over 30 years in the business, Flagship Trade Net is still one of the leading actors in the market for communication with U.S. and Canadian Customs, ACE/ACI-filing and documentation. 
January 1st, 2019, we launched a Global Sales office in Europe, located in Oslo, Norway – under the leadership of our new Global Sales and Marketing Manager, Christine G. Syversen.

Christine G. Syversen
Global Sales and Marketing Manager

“With 30 years in the business, and relationship with many of our customers, we know the value for any software providers are the customer’s input. Flagship Trade Net is a Customer-Driven development center, and we now invite our customers to join us in FlagshipForum” says Christine G. Syversen.

Syversen continues “Our customers are our biggest assets, and with their feedback we will be able to develop and improve our systems to meet their needs”.

By Introducing FlagshipForum, Flagship Trade Net have created a forum where customers in the same field of business, come together to discuss current- and future topics of the systems, and how the business have changed over the years, also how this demands the actors in the business to stay sharp.


  • Welcome, introduction by President Lasse Syversen and Marketing Manager Christine Syversen
  • Disclosure for the FORUM
  • What’s New at ACE & SHIPS? By COO Bob Mangan
    • Presentation of recent changes
  • Enhancements to ACE & SHIPS, by Application Manager Geronimo
    • Schedule of things we will be working on, prioritize by voting
  • New ideas, by Application Manager Geronimo Gando
    • Input from customers
  • Summary and appreciation, by Marketing Manager Christine Syversen

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