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F-ace air

The Flagship Air Automated Manifest System, Air AMS, will allow you to file your cargo manifest  information prior to arrival with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and provides the ability to  review manifest status messages received from CBP. It also allows you to view reports by CBP  status to see the number of files accepted, rejected, in failed edit status, deleted, holds, and not submitted. Finally, you can receive electronic cargo status notification as soon as CBP notified that a flight has departed from the last foreign port or the flight has been arrived by CBP.

Air AMS will allow you to submit air cargo required information in advance of arrival. Customs and Border Protection must electronically receive from the inbound air carrier, information concerning the incoming cargo. For non-consolidated shipments, the incoming air carrier must  transmit to CBP all of the information for the air waybill record. For consolidated shipments:  the incoming air carrier must transmit to CBP the information that is applicable to the master air waybill; and the air carrier must transmit cargo information for all associated house air waybills.

Flagship’s Air AMS Module, provides ease of filing air waybills via a secure online connection.  Fully compliant with regulations while controlling declarations and maintaining normal cargo  transit schedules. Enables you to manage master, house, and direct air waybills, arrivals and  in-bond activities with ease. Provides maximum efficiency by pre-populating fields using database tables of frequently used information: shipper, consignees, and notify parties.


  • Complies with the CBP Trade Act.
  • Monitors volume and highlights any filing errors.
  • Secure Access and connection to transmit cargo manifest information.
  • Minimizes data entry by using database tables and by processing shipment files.
  • Make amendments to Manifests already submitted to CBP.
  • Research current manifest status 24/7.
  • Submit Flight Arrival and Departure Messages.

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