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F-aci Canada Ocean

CANADA*ACI (Advance Commercial Information System) is one of Flagship’s full range of software packages for the shipping industry. This service is designed to ensure that the carriers comply with CBSA ACI regulations and procedures.

CANADA*ACI is fully certified and approved by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) with ACI.

CANADA*ACI gives you easily accessible release information and full ACI capabilities. These capabilities include submitting manifests to Customs, making any corrections, edits, amendments or deletions, receiving responses, status notifications and releases from CBSA.

Designed as an open system, CANADA*ACI allows you to easily interface with other application software so that manifest data can be imported, as well as exported to other applications without having to re-key information. This will save you time and money, as well as reduce errors.

CANADA*ACI can be installed as a single stand-alone system, or as a component of a larger regional or national ACI system involving multiple Flagship applications. CANADA*ACI is designed to operate largely in an unattended manner, collecting and storing data that you can use at any time for reports or inquiries.

EDI File Processing

CANADA*ACI is fully capable of automatically processing data electronically into the system. The preferred format to receive data is X.12 311 EDI format, but virtually any flat file can be used as long as the file specifications (record layout) are provided. This will keep your people from having to enter the data manually.


System security is maintained by means of a log in and password procedure. The user name determines which menus and options are displayed, allowing you to specify which menu options a user will be able to access. You can also specify which functions will be assigned to a user. For example, some users may only be permitted to view information without making changes. You can also specify that a user can change or send data only from certain ports.

CBSA Code Dictionaries

All CBSA codes are included in the CANADA*ACI data dictionaries. Translation tables can be used to convert any internal codes to CBSA codes when manifest data is sent and from CBSA codes to internal codes when manifest data is received. This translation function greatly increases the compatibility between your other application software and ACI, allowing you to use your internal codes in-house and still send the proper CBSA codes to Canada Customs.


CANADA transmits data to Canada Customs using the ACI EDI Marine Cargo/Conveyance Reporting for ANSI X12 Message Standard and can also support other third party services. This makes CANADA*ACI compatible not just with Customs but also with other parties with whom you may wish to exchange information.