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F-aci Canada Rail

CANADA*RAIL is one of Flagship’s full range of software packages for the railroad industry. CANADA*RAIL(Rail Automated Manifest System) and the solution to communicate with Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) ACI (Advance Commercial Information) system. ACI is an important CBSA program affecting the importation of commercial goods into Canada. Using targeting tools, ACI enable Canada Customs to make informed decisions in order to protect Canadian society from shipments which may pose health, safety, security, terrorist or contraband threats.

CANADA*RAIL provides rail carriers with an automated interface into both the Canadian and US Customs Automated Manifest Systems for the purpose of clearing cargo moving between the US and Canada by Rail. Using CANADA*ACI the Rail Carrier can participate in the Candian and US ACI/AMS Programs.

Participation in these programs will:

Eliminate the costs associated with the manual preparation and submission of paper manifests.
Result in faster clearance minimizing expensive delays at the boarder.

CANADA*ACI is designed to integrate easily with the rail carriers existing documentation systems eliminating the need to re-key data for submission to Customs.

CANADA*ACI is available on Flagship’s Virtual Host Service. It is also available as licensed product for operation on the carrier’s on host computers.