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The GAT-Ship Operation Program is designed to meet international standards and contains the following features that will allow you to manage your Port Call System:

  1. Single point entry
  2. Immediate response to client requests
  3. Standardized document routines
  4. Reliable calculations
  5. Electronically archiving

GAT-Ship is supported by these types of documents:

  • Pre-arrival warning documents
  • Arrival documents
  • Port-stay documents
  • Departure documents
  • Financial documents
  • Word and Excel documents

GAT-Ship has an open option in which you are able to include your own personal documents as well as your Clients documents.

The GAT-Ship Operation and Quality Program is a well-proven planning, management and documentation program. It is created and developed especially for Ship Agents in order to economize, standardize and systematize all port call routines. The GAT-Ship software reduces your daily office routines to a practical minimum by reducing paperwork and by implementing standardized computer procedures. Information is entered only one time, for use in a variety of documents and e-mails. Document handlings therefore become easier and far more reliable. At management level, the system includes an overview of statistics and business activities.



[heading size=”6″ align=”left”]Customer Statements[/heading]

[quote cite=”Thomas Springer (Managing Director) – BIehl & Co” url=””]Biehl & Co. has a proud tradition of providing superior agency service. Founded in 1905, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional service specifically customized to meet their unique needs. Biehl recently initiated a project to upgrade our company’s IT system. When considering potential systems, Biehl identified GAT-Ship as the operations program of the future. GAT-Ship allows our customers access to real-time vessel information 24/7 via the web/smart device, the ability to customize forms and documents to specific instructions, and access to all historical data. We are investing in our future so that we can continue to ensure the highest level of care for our customers[/quote]